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Welcome to the website of Gene Larrabee and Primus Care, Inc. Gene Larrabee and Primus Care, Inc. provide consultant services to the nursing home and long term care industry in a variety of critically important areas. This website is intended for providers within the nursing home industry and is designed to inform facilities, organizations, and management level personnel about the services offered by Mr. Larrabee and Primus Care, Inc.

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Some Recent Seminars:

"Long Term Care Surveys:  How to Prepare...and What to Do If You Get in Trouble."
A Teleconference Workshop
July 30, 2002
11:00 AM EDT

As the survey process continues to increase in complexity, nothing could be more timely than an overview of survey preparation and your facility's response. Co-sponsored by Eli Research (publishers of Eli's "Long Term Care Survey Alert") and The Coding Institute, Gene Larrabee will present a 90 minute teleconference workshop detailing how facilities should prepare for surveys and what management should do in those cases when surveys show negative results or findings of non-compliance.  Participants will be afforded the opportunity to ask questions at the conclusion of the teleconference presentation.  For details, information regarding seminar fees, and to enroll your facility staff as a participant, contact Debi at The Coding Institute at 800-508-2582 Extension 253. 


Upcoming Seminar Presentation
"Care Plan for Quality, Not Compliance"
Thursday, April 11, 2002 

In collaboration with Diane Collins, RN, BSN, MS, CLNC, Gene Larrabee will be presenting a workshop/seminar for Life Services Network (the Illinois State affiliate of AAHSA) on Thursday, April 11, in Chicago. The presentation entitled "Care Plan for Quality, Not Compliance" will be part of the LSN 2002 Annual Convention at Navy Pier. The four hour workshop will be geared toward Administrators, DON's, RN's and those interdisciplinary professionals who participate in the care planning process. Contact Life Services Network at 630-325-6170 for further information about both the workshop and the LSN Convention.

Gene Larrabee has served as a seminar presenter and guest speaker for a number of professional associations including the Illinois Health Care Association, Iowa Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators, Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes, and the Illinois Social Service Association. Further, he has been sought as a guest speaker for various civic organizations seeking to learn more about the long term care industry. He has also presented a number of workshops and training sessions individually designed to meet facility need(s) or address specific areas of interest. His presentations have also met the directed inservice requirements set forth by state survey agencies.

Mr. Larrabee's presentations have always been readily approved for continuing education credit by the applicable professional licensing boards (including NCERS/NAB) and he will work with your group, organization, or facility to facilitate such approval. Mr. Larrabee can also design programs to fit whatever your agenda may be, work in collaboration with other speakers, or assist in arranging for other professionals to serve as presenters.

Past seminar topics to note include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing the best quality management/assurance system for your facility
  • The new survey protocols
  • Corporate Compliance
  • How to use your new Q.I. reports
  • Achieving compliance through the use of Q.A.
  • How you can seize control of the survey process through proper regulatory interpretation
  • Constructing plans of correction
  • Preparing for Informal Dispute Resolution
  • The resident assessment process: the MDS, raps, and care plans
  • Designing a system for resident behaviors
  • And many more!!!

Seminar sponsors who retain Mr. Larrabee's services, and who so choose, will have those seminars listed on this website at no charge.

If you are interested in scheduling a seminar or workshop for your organization or facility, contact Gene Larrabee at:

Gene R. Larrabee
c/o Primus Care, Inc.
504 Windamer Ct.
Valparaiso, IN  46383
(219) 741-0360


Diane Collins
129 Elgin Street
Griffith, IN  46319
(219) 922-6469

We can work with you to tailor program content to meet your specific educational needs.

Available Now!!!

Achieving Substantial Compliance

Achieving Substantial Compliance is a professional manual comprised of nearly 600 pages of text and exhibits designed to offer guidance to long term care professional in minimizing deficiency citation in OBRAs quality-based survey process. Written by Gene R. Larrabee B.A., M.A., N.H.A., one of the industrys leading administrative experts on regulatory compliance issues, and edited by Sha Elvidge Kelley J.D., Ph.D., R.N., one of the nations leading legal experts in the field of long term care compliance, Achieving Substantial Compliance is now available for purchase.

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